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Thai Traditional Massage


Thai traditional massage is an extraordinary holistic method for relieving tension and stress, relaxing your

body and mind, treatment of back, neck and shoulders pain including muscle strain and joints sprain.


Methods of Thai traditional massage in Thai massage Birmingham


1. Pressing – it stimulates energy, relaxes tense muscles and improves circulation.

2. Squeezing - same as pressing

3. Circling - to massaging skin, bone or joints

4. Sliding - to warm skin up, relieve tension or spasm in muscle.

5. Rolling - same as sliding

6. Rotating – joints flexibility

7. Twisting - same as rotating

8. Cracking - same as rotating

9. Hitting or chopping - to stimulate the skin and balances muscles 

10. Stretching - for flexibility and to invigorate, balance and relax the whole body


So when you have time for about 30 – 60 minutes, and looking for fantastic Thai traditional massage in

Birmingham Thai massage Birmingham is here for you you.